The Grounds to Grow On® brand has evolved! Welcome to the new K-Cycle® website. It’s the same program, now with a simplified name to convey the ease and impact of this powerful recycling solution.

We share
your commitment
to sustainability.

That's why we're proud to offer the K-Cycle® Recycling Program. A simple way to make sure that every K-Cup® pod is fully recycled — giving all materials a second life and reducing waste. In 2019, users just like you recycled 1,250,000+ lbs.1 of material that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill!

You brew & collect


Brew your favorite
K-Cup® pods


Fill bin with used
K-Cup® pods


Return full
K-Cycle® bin

We recycle & compost


We separate the components


Plastic and aluminum are recycled.

Coffee/tea grounds and filter become organic compost.

Pods are converted

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